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The company was established in 2009. From building houses, the company started taking larger projects at various places in Trivandrum. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, focused on delivering quality and value.


We are very critical in understanding the needs of our clients and we give the guarantee that we deliver our projects on time within the budget and of the highest standard of quality. We see it that our project teams work very closely with our clients and that their needs will always be considered in major project decisions. We secure the transparency in budget control, project scheduling, and commissioning as part of our accountability and integrity. We believe in our service-oriented approach to business as the reason for our continued success.

We value our clients and other business partners and consider them to be a vital part of our success .Today, we are one of the leading villa projects and construction management team in Trivandrum.



We believe people deserve more...time, money, freedom, choices,

joy, abundance but so often we work hard, strive for a better life

for ourselves and our families, and that leaves us time poor.




We focus on the most significant technological advances and

innovations of housing projects combined with construction

technologies that have architectural value. Providing more

durable and environment-friendly homes.




"It is my boundless pleasure to welcome you all, to Deodate Environmental Homes  India

Private Limited.The greatest gift i can give myself is the priceless experiences in the

field of real-estate…Property development and construction…through the journey of

this sector …!!

The main intentions of Deodate Environmental Homes India Pvt. Ltd. are the client

satisfaction…Zero compromises on quality…Consistent value for money to my clients…

to provide an excessive standard of living ...and environment-friendly approach…etc…

and to provide the great customer support with my creative…efficient and highly trained

professionals as best at this industry. We have a clear vision about this entire sector and

our achievements while holding dear to us our basic principles that lead to our goal,

to become Deodate the Dream home Builder..!!"







                   Mohan Nair

Chairman & Managing Director 

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